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Originator rights, of utilization/License rights and execution rights

Please notice the following excerpt of our general commercial terms (Terms and Conditions) to originator rights, of utilization/License rights and execution rights:
  1. The copyrights and execution rights in all designs, drawings, draughts and models, as well as all technical planning carried out by us remains our property. Forwarding to third parties in particular competitors is not allowed without previous acquisition of all rights.
  2. The copyrights and execution rights do not pass over completely to the customer even after they have paid all fees. Only the rights which were agreed upon in writing will be transferred. The sole utilization of all rights by the customer needs a separate, written contract.
  3. Should the documents provided by us be used for advertising or for the execution by a competitor, this is only possible after previous arrangement and an arrangement of a user fee. Such uses are to be indicated before in writing and need our written approval.
  4. A suitable fee is fixed by us individually depending upon the type expenditure and circumference as well as the agreed intended purpose of the performances.
  5. During the offer phase full responsibility for the proper and confidential treatment of the draughts, planning, sketches and models is taken over by the persons receiving the offer the (client). Copies and prints are permitted but only within the scope of the concerning project. If the execution has not been instructed by us, all original documents have to be sent back to us and eventual copies have to be destroyed.
  6. In case of an order our claims will be transferred to the client, as far as that this deviates from the offer receiver. The offer receiver has to point out our protective claims to the client.
  7. Should our documents be passed onto third parties or use of the documents occur without previous consultation with us, we will charge the offer receiver regardless of other rights a fee of 30% of the offer sum.
  8. These arrangements also enclose all technical special solutions developed within the scope of the whole project as well as already delivered devices and prototypes. The copy of the devices and cases without our written approval is not permitted. Also slight changes to the design are not excluded from this. Should the Castell Life Safe GmbH for some reasons not be able to guarantee delivery, a special arrangement which allows another manufacturing temporarily or permanently can be met. Such special arrangements need the written form.
Our products are BRAND AND PATENT LAW PROTECTED the protective rights can be seen under IPC:G08B 25/12 - IPC:G09F 19/22 - IPC:G08B 25/00 - IPC:A61N 1/37 - IPC:A62B 37/00 -IPC:A61G 5/10 - IPC:A61J 1/00 - IPC:A61N 1/39 A publication of the product pictures needs written approval


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