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Life Safe emergency pillar M200 - Mobile Emergency pillar

The mobile modular emergency call pillar was especially constructed for the hard work on building sites outside organizations. The pillar is so formed that three modules can be built up, consisting of the bottom section (energy module), middle section (rescue module) and the top part (technology module), within a few minutes and without tools even by laymen. The transport can be carried out by one single person and fits without problems in a small car. After constructing the modules the connections are equipped with safe plugs. So the system is safe against mistakes. The pillar is automatically registered to the preselected directing center. The rescue module can release the rescue equipment by request via remote control. The case is made of stainless steel and is covered with foil according to the customers wish.

Technical Data

  • Case: Stainless steel, 2mm line grinding
  • Fastener: electromechanical
  • Signals: Flashlight
  • GSM-Carrier unit: CLS GSM Interface Module
  • Voltage supply: as desired external voltage supplier with rechargeable battery pack (36 months maintenance) or over battery pack (12 months maintenance) possible
  • Hands-free unit: 5W loudspeaker, high performance microphone, acoustically regulated
  • Rescue container for: rescue cloth, shaver, gloves, respiration mask, warning waste coat, dressing material, oxygen-pack, Dextro Energy (dextrose)
  • Outside measurements: WxHxD 550x2000x220 mm


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