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Life Safe Emergency pillar SP1100 - One-module-Emergency Pillar

The wall terminal SP1100 is suitable for rough daily use as for example in multi-storey car parks just as a wall or upright unit or in front of lifts in a public building. Its elegant stainless steel case fits in all modern architecture. Apart from the design the case of the IP 66 is safe against vandalism and also suitable for outside operations. Alternatively the alarm can be carried out by a print-screen key or by a back lit capacitive sensor button. According to the requirements the speech function can also be started by GSM and without power connection via battery. In this model the SP1100 is the optimal transportable building site solution.

A specific feature is the illuminated acrylic glass front which contemporaneously lights up the unit in a direct sphere in a security light cone. When the emergency call is set off the whole front of the pillar starts to shine.

Performance parameters:

  • Protected against dust and water
  • Analogue or GSM-emergency call function
  • stainless steel quality possible
  • Individual design (Logo etc.)
  • Made in Germany
Technical Data
  • Case: Stainless steel, IP 66
  • Opening: Front opening 110° manual, SOS Emergency call/dial (Analogue a/b Interfaces 16 Num­bers)
  • Fastener: profile cylinder fastener
  • Inside measurements: WxHxD 400x350x170 mm
  • Outside measurements: WxHxD 600x380x210 mm
  • System requirements: 230V power connection, Telephone connection analogue a/b, optional GSM-Interface battery
  • Equipment: Fixing material, Users manual, Guarantee card, 2 keys


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